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Welcome to CanadaBonus.ca, your best companion on your upcoming iGaming adventure. While you can set sail on your own without our help or guidance, it is always a better idea to have an experienced companion by your side and this is where CanadaBonus.ca steps in to save the day.

In the simplest terms, CanadaBonus.ca is your ultimate guide that has everything you need to know about the thriving Canadian iGaming scene. We say thriving because many international online casinos cater to Canadians and we looked all over the internet to find only the best iGaming venues for you.

CanadaBonus.ca is also your number one source for the best iGaming winning opportunities and the very best bonuses and promotions. When you are just starting your iGaming adventure, the whole iGaming scene may appear intimidating, especially when you are not sure where to look. Fortunately, we got you covered. With CanadaBonus.ca by your side and our expert team, you can rest assured that you get the most relevant and accurate info on the Canadian iGaming market.

CanadaBonus.ca is entirely focused on the Canadian iGaming market with a brief mention of other markets. Some pages on the site include a brief comparison between the Canadian and other iGaming industries. Other than this, the entire content on the site has been specifically designed with Canadian players in mind.

As expected, CanadaBonus.ca focuses on online casino bonuses and promotions but the site also has a plethora of other valuable information on Canadian online casinos, including our detailed and unbiased online casino reviews, information about the legality of online gambling in different Canadian provinces, information on the main iGaming laws and regulations in Canada, and more.

When compared to other iGaming markets, the Canadian iGaming scene is growing at one of the fastest rates. This means that new online casinos join the market almost on a daily basis. For average gamers, keeping track of everything that is happening and all the changes can be challenging, especially given the fact that not all Canadian provinces are equally friendly towards iGaming activities.

Fortunately, the team working behind the scene has done everything to make your transition from a beginner to an expert player smooth. With all the hard work done by the team, the only thing you need to do is to play responsibly and have fun.

Our Mission and Goals

To understand why CanadaBonus.ca was launched, you have to familiarize yourself with our goals and mission. We have already briefly covered this in the first section, but there is more to CanadaBonus.ca than being your loyal online gambling companion. The Canadian iGaming community does not only include online casinos and online sports betting sites but also a plethora of online casino affiliate sites, sites that operate similarly to CanadaBonus.ca.

Before the site was launched, we decided to check other Canadian online casino affiliate sites to see what they may be missing. We also took notes of great things featured on these sites as guidelines. Of course, we wanted to make the site as unique as possible, so we have some different sections than the sections featured on other sites.

To make sure that CanadaBonus.ca has all players in mind, including those who just started their iGaming journey and other more experienced players, we got in touch with people who spend some quality time gambling online. We asked for their opinion, we asked what they are missing from other affiliate sites to make sure that nothing important is missing from CanadaBonus.ca.

CanadaBonus.ca does mainly cater to inexperienced, beginner players, but those with more experience can also find important sections with important information. CanadaBonus.ca was launched in 2022 but before the site was published, we invested many months in making sure that everything we publish on the site is one hundred percent accurate and in line with Canadian iGaming laws and regulations. We also invested a lot of time in the actual research that goes into every single page published on the site. With this being said, some of our main goals are listed below.

Presenting you with the most accurate iGaming-related info and content

CanadaBonus.ca is an online casino affiliate site, so we deal with all sorts of different iGaming content and the main goal is to help you navigate the iGaming scene like a professional, like an experienced player even if you just started playing online. The site focuses on all the different bonuses and promotions you have at your disposal at Canadian online casinos but the site is more than that. We also have valuable info on the legality of gambling, different iGaming laws and regulations, and basically, everything else that you need to familiarize yourself with before you start your gaming adventure.

Helping you enjoy the most rewarding iGaming experience

As you probably know, a lot goes into looking into all the different online casino sites that operate in the Canadian iGaming scene. We have strict reviewing and rating criteria in place which will be discussed further. We also take into account other factors, such as brands’ background, KYC and Responsible Gambling Policies, and a lot more that takes a lot of time even when you are an experienced player. When you have no experience, the whole iGaming scene may appear a bit intimidating thanks to the sheer number of iGaming options you have. With us by your side, you can rest assured that you are presented with the best, most rewarding iGaming options. This is one of our main goals and this is not going to change.

Teaching you about the importance of responsible gambling

As iGaming fans and enthusiasts, we understand the importance of responsible gambling tools and practices and we want to make sure that you stay on the right track by keeping an eye on your budget. Responsible gambling is a lot more than having good bankroll management skills. Being a responsible gambler means you understand your gambling habits, you stick to your budget, you never chase losses, and you keep track of the time you spend gambling online. Being a responsible gambler also means seeking professional help when things get out of control. This is why you will find a list of all Canadian responsible gambling organizations that help struggling individuals, as well as, valuable info on different responsible gambling tools you can use when gambling online.

Building trust and mutual respect

If we want to make a difference, which is also one of our goals, we have to focus on building trust and mutual respect. In fact, trust is one of the fundamentals of our service and products. The entire site with all published content is free to access and we wanted to make everything readily accessible to everyone, no strings attached. Of course, you can subscribe to our newsletter if you want to be a part of our subscription community, but you do not have to do it. You can be a part of our community without even registering for an account.

Making a Meaningful Difference

When discussing our mission and goals, we have to mention that we strive to make a difference, and making a meaningful difference does take time and effort and we are willing to work on that. This once again leads us to our goal of making sure you get the most accurate, meaningful, and up-to-date content. We also want to make sure that everyone working on the board shares the same goals and this is why the team working behind the scene has been carefully selected.

What We Guarantee

Now that you know some of our main goals, let’s briefly cover what we offer and guarantee here. Knowing these things will help you decide whether you want to hop on your iGaming journey with us by your side or not, and we believe you will make the right decision. As previously discussed, building trust and mutual respect is one of our main goals, and this cannot be achieved without having a great and fully dedicated team and we have the right team.

The team working behind the scene consists of iGaming fans, enthusiasts, and of course, iGaming experts who have been involved in the iGaming community in different ways, as players, content managers, content editors, etc.

The process of finding the best iGaming opportunities for you takes a lot of time and effort and we invested months into making sure the content published on the site is the most accurate representation of the Canadian iGaming scene. To make the content easy to navigate, the main menu is divided into several different sections, and these include:

Detailed and unbiased online casino reviews

We can guarantee that every online casino review published on the site includes the most accurate, up-to date information about casinos’ iGaming services and products, bonuses, and every other crucial department. Behind every online casino review are countless hours that go into researching and making sure the content is easy to understand and navigate.

Detailed reviews of Canadian bonuses

The same hard-working research process has gone into every bonus section on the site. We wanted to make our bonus reviews as comprehensive as possible, so each page of this kind is packed with all the different terms and conditions that apply, eligible games, and other details.

Different bonus categories

Since Canadians have a huge variety of different bonuses and promotions at their disposal, we wanted to make sure that you can easily find bonuses that fit your gaming preferences and budget. This is why we have different bonuses categories, including no deposit, no wager, and free spins bonus offers. Each bonus category page also includes the most accurate and up-to date info on the best and the latest bonus offers for our Canadian players.

Unbiased and Detailed Content

Everything published on the site, including every online casino and bonus review, is presented to you in a detailed and unbiased manner. We strive to present facts and only facts. If something is rewarding and good for you, we will emphasize this. If something does not deserve your attention, we will also emphasize this. Either way, you get unbiased, detailed, and factual content presented and refined by our expert team.

Informing Rather Than Promoting

Driven by factual data, our main goal is to inform rather than promote. Of course, we are working with iGaming brands and we promote their iGaming services and products but this is done in the same way as we inform about other brands’ services and products, by presenting you only with factual and accurate data. Reviews published on the site are one hundred percent independent and cannot be influenced by the nature of our collaboration with brands. Essentially, everything published on the site is influenced only by our team’s analytical skills and knowledge.

This is Your Safe Place

We also guarantee to stay your safe place. The iGaming scene can be intimidating considering the sheer amount of iGaming options at your disposal. With this being said, we will always promote responsible gambling and encourage other brands in the industry to do the same. We will always act appropriately if we notice players being treated unfairly in any way. This is how we operate and this is not going to change.

Check Out Our Content

Here, we briefly talk about our content and share links so you can easily visit different sections on the page. As you know by now, CanadaBonus.ca focuses on presenting you with the best online casino bonuses and promotions, but the site shares a lot more important information. Our homepage has a couple of sections that deal with the legality of online gambling in different Canadian provinces, iGaming laws and regulations, and more regarding the legality discussion.

This is all important information. You should familiarize yourself with everything before you start playing just to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Other pages featured on the site with links are below:

Online Casino Reviews

Find the best Canadian online casinos. Every online casino has been thoroughly reviewed by our expert team according to our strict reviewing and rating criteria.

Bonus Categories

The site has also a couple of different bonus sections that share more information on the best bonuses for Canadian players. Check out our best free spins, no deposit, and no wager bonus offers for our Canadian customers.

Claim Bonuses on the Go

We have also a separate page with the best online casino bonuses and promotions for Canadian players who prefer mobile gaming sessions.

Check Out the Best New Casino Bonuses

We are constantly looking for new rewarding casino bonuses and promotions for Canadians and these generous offers are featured on our New Casino Bonuses page.

Why Should You Trust Us?

Back to building trust and mutual respect. This is one of our main goals and something we strive for. So why should you trust us? We have to thank the team working behind the scene for being so dedicated to what they do. The team working on the board is also one of the biggest reasons we deserve to be trusted.

Everyone at CanadaBonus.ca has been working in the iGaming industry for quite a while, and this includes our content editors, content creators, graphic designers, and everyone else. In addition, some of us are also players, just like you, but with more experience. We know where to look for the safest, best iGaming opportunities. It is always easier to work in a team than on your own, and our team has your back. Building and maintaining a trustworthy relationship takes time, and you want to stick around.

How We Rate Our Online Casinos?

Now, we briefly go over our process of reviewing and rating Canadian online casinos and this is a process that involves quite a few steps. What interests you is our reviewing criteria and everything you need to know is featured down below.

We Check Licensing and Casinos’ Background

Every content writer working for the team starts with checking a casino’s licensing, reputation, and background. As you know by now, we only promote Canadian online casinos that truly deserve your attention. Unlicensed casinos cannot find their place among reputable casinos or among our top recommendations.

We Look into Safety and Privacy Measures

Equally important is the safety and privacy factor. Gambling online involves sharing some of your personal info and spending your real funds and we want to make sure that nothing goes wrong in the process. This is why every online casino review covers all the most important details about the casino’s safety and privacy measures.

We Check the Fairness of Gaming Sessions

Newbie players are often worried about the fairness of gaming sessions and this is completely understandable considering there are so many different games. Also, online casinos may appear similar but they are not created equally and not all casinos have taken all the right steps to ensure fairness. This is why we always look for casinos with valid RNG certificates to make sure every gaming session you have is undertaken in a fair manner.

We Look Through Casinos’ Gaming Lobbies

Our team of content writers also invests a lot of time into looking at casinos’ gaming lobbies. When you gamble online, you want to be presented with as many games as possible. Hence, all casinos we promote on the site have rich gaming lobbies and most of them feature free/demo play modes.

We Check Available Bonuses and Promotions

Checking casinos’ banking departments is equally important as we want to make sure that you get the most value for your money through great bonuses. Aside from checking the availability of different bonus offers, we also look into all the different terms and conditions that apply as some bonuses are not as generous as they may seem.

We Test Casinos’ Banking Options

We also want to make sure that you have enough payment services at your disposal. Hence, during every online casino review, we look into deposit and withdrawal options, payment limitations that all casinos have, and withdrawal pending times. By testing different banking options we make sure that everything works as expected.

We Check the Reliability of Casinos’ Customer Support Services

Aside from testing casinos’ banking services, we also test how their customer care options work. We get in touch with their customer care representatives using the available options. We check for the availability of FAQs and Help Pages as well.

We Test Casinos’ Mobile Gaming Platforms

Finally, we look into casinos’ instant-play and downloadable mobile gaming platforms. More specifically, we check how mobile casino games work and the availability of different mobile gaming options. The main goal here is to make sure that the online casinos we promote on the site have been created with all players in mind, including those who are more interested in mobile gaming sessions.

Meet the Team

Now, let’s introduce our hard-working team. Behind the scene, we have:

Content Writers: We employ a team of content writers that do most of the hard work around here when it comes to online casino reviews, reviews on bonuses, and everything else regarding the content published on the site.

Content Editors: We also have a team of content editors that make sure the content published on the site is easy to understand and flows nicely.

Developers: We also have a team of developers that worked behind the scene on making sure the website runs as expected on all devices. Developers are also constantly visually improving the site.

Graphic Designers: Our graphic designers have done an amazing job with the site’s visuals.

Everyone else working on the board, including marketing specialists, game testers, and others are equally important to our community.

Get in Touch with Us

Below are our contact options and we are looking forward to hearing from you whether you have some suggestions for you or you want to share your iGaming experiences. Our customer care team is always at your disposal if you have any complaints about the service featured on the site.

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